life / biz / you connects with creatives who want a great life and make a living doing what they love ~ without selling their soul.

a creative identity is a lighthouse

Life / Biz / You is here to inspire creatives with empowering resources to develop your skills, dare to take action, make positive changes in your life, business, and personally.

We focus on alignment, not balance. We believe everything in life, biz and for you, is work in progress. It takes an investment of time and effort and the journey is sweeter when shared with others.

Being creative is more than what we do, it's our identity, and lighthouse. 

little daily manifesto


Simplify, create a healthy lifestyle. Find meaning in daily life and take time to find your moments of joy.


Experiment, trust the creative process, bring purpose to your work and notice what creates a sense of fulfilment.


Deepen connections with people who you love and inspire you. Know yourself well and what makes you happy. 

the world is a better place with creatives

We support creatives who are liberal in their thinking, and believe being original, unique and authentic, is a super power.

If everyone celebrated diversity, the world would be a better place.

Because the world would be full of empowered, self-assured people, who are invested in accepting everyone different as an equal.

Creatives own the future. They record, interpret, create joy and celebrate life.

Artisans are treasured for making our quality of life better.

Life / Biz /You ~ is here to inspire, promote, teach and encourage creatives in these ways:


A curated newsletter is our way to support and promote creative minds, attitudes, skills and content to reach a wider audience. I am dedicated to finding inspiring, talented, gifted people to share their thoughts, products, words and work.

To grow and fill your creative cup. 


We create resources to empower creatives. Our newsletter, and courses, are made for creatives on our signature topics of Life / Biz / You. 



We're about diversity. We encourage developing a strong identity, by being unique and authentic.
 We support independent thinking to create personal freedom. Everyone matters and is welcome here. 

my unplanned life

I love being Australian, travelling, cooking and taking photos, but most of all, I love being creative. You can read more of my backstory here.
Being creative is not a choice. It's a calling. I was off track, and for me, it was like parts of my soul were missing.

Then one day, the setting was perfect, and my mind and heart were open, a catalyst put a fire in my belly. My daughter Georgia was in India and I went to join her for a five week adventure. Early one morning at dawn, I was sitting on a veranda of an old palace converted into the hotel Devi Garh. It was a misty and the sun was rising over the village below. I was lying on an old iron daybed, and a tray of chai tea had just been brought to me.
I watched a bird land on the balcony, and it was as if it had a message for me. 'Things were about to change".

As delusional as the idea seemed, my curiosity pulled me forward, when I got home and started to play around with a project idea I'd had for a while, but I was so far out of my comfort zone; it was really scary. I didn't care, I was going to keep going anyway. After all a little birdy told me, I could do it.

My big ideas, it seem so much easier in my head than real life. I wanted to start 'something online' I knew I was clueless and had so much to learn. So I rolled up my sleeves and started, like many other people with crazy ideas, I had to teach myself. After a huge time investment, online courses and trial and error, I eventually became capable of making a site and how to do content creation. 

Now it's years later, I'm not so far 'out of my comfort zone' and apart from random flashes of imposter syndrome that seem to plague all creatives, I feel I'm making good progress. I share the best lessons I've learned, and what I'm still learning.  

My choice of using curation is an interesting method of sharing awesome people I've discovered, tips and tools that inspire me. Plus the courses I create is my way to help creatives value their gift and take care of themselves, plus it is filling up my soul!



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