we connect with creatives who want a great life and make a living doing what they love ~ without selling their soul.

a creative identity is a lighthouse

We aim to inspire creatives to figure out and focus on what matters to them. Help develop their skills, encourage them to have the courage to take action and build a sustainable business, so they can let go of the hustle.

Go from being stuck experiencing imposter syndrome to finally focus on what strengthens their belief, confidence and do what they love.

We want to see them experience positive lifestyle changes, free themselves from useless distraction, and make self-care a priority.

We're about alignment, not balance. We believe life, biz and you are a work in progress. It takes an investment of time and effort. The journey is even better when shared with fellow creatives.

We're about helping you find your people and create lasting  connections.  

Being creative is more than what we do, it's an identity, and our  lighthouse. 

daily focus


Simplify, create a healthy lifestyle. Find meaning in daily life and take time to find your moments of joy.


Experiment, trust the creative process, bring purpose to your work and notice what creates a sense of fulfilment.


Deepen connections with people who you love and inspire you. Know yourself well and what makes you happy. 

the world is a better place with creatives

We support creatives who are liberal in their thinking, and accept originality is an advantage, and a super power.

If everyone invested in being people unique and authentic and celebrate diversity, the world would be a better place.

Because the world would be full of empowered, self-assured people, who are invested in accepting everyone different as an equal.

Creatives own the future. They record, interpret, create joy and celebrate life.

Artisans are treasured for making our quality of life better.

Life / Biz /You ~ is here to inspire, promote, teach and encourage creatives in these ways:


A curated newsletter is our way to support and promote creative minds, attitudes, skills and content to reach a wider audience. I am dedicated to finding inspiring, talented, gifted people to share their thoughts, products, words and work.

The newsletter is sent every other week, to grow your knowledge base and fill your creative cup. 


We offer the opportunity to connect with other creatives and be part of a community to grow together, meet the challenge, offer support and encouragement. Cheer each other on, and hang out for a daily chatfest.  


We create resources to empower creatives. Our newsletter, courses, downloads and a community, are made for creatives on our signature topics of Life / Biz / You. 


We're about diversity. We encourage developing a strong identity, by being unique and authentic.
 We support independent thinking to create personal freedom. We will persist for as long as it takes to change attitudes, until all differences are accepted, and everyone matters. 

my story

I love being Australian, travelling, and good coffee but most of all, I love being creative. 

When I was about seven, I remember at school when asked what I want to be when I grow up, an "artist" I said with confidence. My report cards said I need to stop daydreaming, and my results were pretty sad. 

After I had left school, I discovered I had a learning difficulty. But by this stage, I'd completed my graphic design study, and I was doing very well. I started work with a fantastic career opportunity. 

Even so, being young and naive, I took my creativity and work for granted. I was impatient and had a bad case of wanderlust. So I did, and those experienced shaped my worldview. But it hacked into my creative career, and I'd lost my identity. I developed a strange mix of skills, and my working life looked a bit like a patchwork quilt of clashing colours. 

It was travelling that saved my soul. Early one morning in India sitting on a veranda of an old palace converted into the hotel Devi Garh. All I knew was want more of this experience, to be location independent, and my inner gypsy was calling. In my wildest dreams at that moment, I wanted to be a travel blogger. That meant learning about the online world. The mere fact I couldn't write to save my life exposed my biggest fears. I conveniently swept this under the [Indian] rug ay the time. 

As delusional as it seemed, my dream was pulling forward. I started the journey anyway on the side of the job that was draining me. I must be pretty tenacious not to toss it to the wind. Because I was completely clueless and had so much to learn.

Meanwhile, back at the 'dreaded job'. I seriously out of alignment. I was anxious, angry and having panic attacks. It was obvious I had some figuring out to do, and big changes to make. The universe kept pulling that Indian rug out from under my feet until I acquiesced and gave in to my dream. 

Stripped from the negative distractions, I got clear about what I valued. The two things that stay true to this journey for me were location free work, being creative and I added living in alignment. I decided to go all-in and keep going no matter how hard or long it took to create my tiny dot in the internet space. Working on myself is pure gold and a counterweight to doubt and fear. 

Life / Biz /You and Creative Cru community is my way as giving back to the universe. Share the best lessons I've learned, and the people who inspire me. It's my way to help creatives value their gift and create the life and business they'll love. 


made for creatives

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