creative cru community

crû is french, and literally means ‘growth’

why join a community?

Creative Cru is a community designed for all types of creatives who are doing what they love, either in a job or have a business. 

Our focus is to serve Australian creatives and help you connect with each other and our focus is creative growth.

The platform is under construction, and we have a waitlist to join as a foundation member. 

Private + Secure

I found a fantastic alternative to FB groups. Your privacy and your data security is really important. We think it are a better platform than FB groups, and we are very excited to be launching soon.

Find Your People

Creatives love hanging out with other creatives~ right. That seems to be a bit of a challenge right now, so a community where you can connect, chat is really important. Yes, you can invite your friends too. 

Inspiration + Learning

A community to ask each other 'what's working now' a place to share, help and inspire each other. Keep your spirits up and some fun too. 

Keep an ear out to get notified when community doors fling open!

The platform for the community is in creation mode, and the virtual doors will be flung open soon. If it sounds like it's for you to join the waitlist. Foundation members will be free forever.