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A simple course and framework designed for clarity and focus as a creative

Even when you're not working is your mind is still twirling away on current projects. Is distraction part of your outreach, or participation in the industry and it's hard to shut off. Would you say life is woven into the spaces around your work and the lines blur. And when you feel isloated and like an imposter does it rattle your cage and creative flow. 


Frameworks simplifies complex ideas by creating constructive constraints. But let's not confuse simple with not being impactful.

Taking time out regularly to answer insightful questions is what the course aim to do.

#1. Creates clarity and focus

By creating your framework, it helps guide you and make the right choice when you several options and keeps you focused.

#2. It is quick and simple process

Today our complex world the demands are high; this framework needs to be simple and easy to use. To optimize your results, keep using it to refine your ideas.

#3. Small action steps for quick results 

The tiniest of actions get the biggest results because you are more likely to take them. Small actions repeated over time has a compound effect.

create your framework

what you need to GET STARTED

Step 1. Set aside the time

About one hour of your time in a cafe, or a place where you will not be interupted by daily life and distractions. Cafes work well or getting up early in the morning. 

Step 2. What you need

You only need a note book or paper to put in a folder. I use a clipboard with blank paper and a note book. You can transfer to digital later to save your work.

Step 3. Taking your first action step

Invite a friend to catch up for coffee, or do the course with a friend and become accountability buddies. Its important to say out loud what you have planned and talk about your action step for each categroy in life, biz + you. 

About Me.

My small moments of joy: Inspiring conversation with creatives. Treasured moments seeing my daughter who lives in Berlin. Great cafes and coffee. I love the early morning light taking photos, especially when traveling. Oh yes, a little pet therapy too!


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