life / biz / you

Hi, I'm Jenn Grainger ~ I make empowering resources for creatives. Here’s my 'rapid-fire' backstory. 

After studying Graphic Design my career started with a bang, as a Jr Art Director for George Patterson, a top advertising agency in Sydney. 

Later I worked for Conde Nast Publications on VOGUE Fashion & Living magazines for a few years. Then I freelanced, life was pretty sweet. 

Naturally being an adventurous/rebellious Aussie, I threw caution to the wind and I moved to Santa Cruz California ~ because everyone was going to London. 

As a result, I became a bit of an alternative hippy and my worldview changed forever. Then not quite ready to come home I took another detour to Lord Howe Island for a year.

Before you cross the street take my hand. Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.  John Lennon

After living overseas for the best part of three years put a dent in my creative career. But the next ‘little’ sidetrack took my way off course ~ Motherhood!  After struggling to hold it together when my daughter was two I decided to escape to the country, and raise her with a menagerie of animals and grow veggies. 


Eventually, we moved to Brisbane and I started building websites out of curiosity [and frustration with my job] ~ I had no idea what I was doing but I trusted my instincts it would lead somewhere. 


It's not a quick easy fix to reinvent your life and despite a few blogs that fizzled out, I persisted. 


The 'why' behind choosing Life / Biz / You as a topic ~ is because it nurtures my creative growth, mindset and wellbeing. I experiment, follow my passions to curate the best of what I find and make resources that I hope will provide value. It's my desire to be authentic and live in alignment that pulled it together and finally everything started to make sense. 

So here we are, ‘Empowering Resources Made for Creatives’ is my jam. That's how I connected the dots, and why I am here. My 'tiny little dot' in the 'big internet world'. Yay!


If you’re on a creative growth journey ~ and you’d like some company on the ride, start with the newsletter. You will find out more from there, and the rest will be a work in progress.


Cheers Jenn