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Hi, I'm Jenn Grainger ~ I Provide Empowering Resources Made For Creatives.

The origin story of Life / Biz / You, and why I believe we do better as creatives when life, business and our unique selves are all in alignment.

Life gets complicated! I'm distracted at times, in a state of flow or digging myself out of a hole. I've learnt to give myself space to evolve and figure out which way is up. 

"In life, you can only connect the dots looking back" Steve Jobs

Here's my back story in dots

Creative starting dot

My creative journey started well. After studying Graphic Design my career started with a bang, as a Jr Art Director at George Patterson a top advertising agency [now Y&R] in Sydney. Then I worked for Conde Nast Publications designing in-house advertising for VOGUE on the Fashion & Living magazines. Next, I freelanced as a graphic designer for a few years.

Red dot on the globe

Naturally being an adventurous Aussie I threw caution to the wind and went to the US and lived in Santa Cruz California. I became a bit of an alternative hippy and my worldview expanded and changed forever.

Dots changing colour

When I returned home to Sydney, I discovered everything had changed, and my skills were now out of date, so I skipped off to live and work and live on Lord Howe Island [more adventure]
Eventually, I returned wondering what the heck to do. I managed an art gallery on Pitt Street and then did a stint working for a company who taught me the art of selling ~ I discovered I was pretty good at it too. Life was great, and I lived at Elvina Bay on Pittwater and the only way to get there was by boat.

Before you cross the street take my hand.
Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. John lennon

Little dot 

When my daughter was two, I decided to escape to the country to raise her with chickens, ducks and grow veggies. As luck would have it, I ended up using my skills to design retail spaces and residential homes.

Big scary dot

Nine years later we moved to Brisbane and life got a little scrambled, or a lot, really! I had no idea how I would survive financially and went into real estate sales, it seemed like a good idea at the time. On the side I did workshops in photography, silversmithing and a few other things to stay afloat creatively. But it wasn't enough, and I was screaming on the inside, and it took its toll.

Bright shiny dot

The universe was listening and kept putting things under my nose to discover. How that happened is a story within itself I will tell you one day! 

I started building websites as learning experience. Yes, I was totally clueless when I started and I trusted my instincts this was leading somewhere. It's not a quick, easy fix to reinvent your life's direction, it's a journey. One insightful lesson for me was to share what you learn with others on the same journey and I documented what I was learning. 

Dots in alignment

The dots started to connect. I had the starting point on road map and I knew where I was going. 
Alignment is where I started, because as a creative if I'm out of sync in one area of my life, it affects my creativity and productivity. Alignment became my focus, I started to feel centred, energised and inspired. That's when everything came together quite quickly.

Creating this platform is for my sanity, health and to live the life I want, as much as it is for building and serving a community of creatives. I started with my creative growth, mindset and wellbeing. My direction informed what content I would create and share. Empowering resources would be my jam. That's how I connected the dots, and why I am here. My 'tiny little dot' in the 'big internet world'. Yay!

CTA dot

If it sounds like a place you want to hang out, learn some of the things I have and join others on the creative growth journey ~ start with the newsletter. You will find out more from there, and the rest will be a work in progress.

Cheers Jenn