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Hi, I'm Jenn Grainger ~ I Provide Empowering Resources Made For Creatives.

Here's my origin story how I came to believe, why our life, business and our unique selves, need to be in alignment.

Life is complicated, and we're too busy at times, plus there's a lot to running a creative business

and working towards a happy, healthy lifestyle. It's empowering and winning combination! It's always a work in progress. Sometimes it's all in a state of flow and other times its chaotic. And some of have to claw our ways of the abiss and recreate our selves and out lives. I've experienced all otf it and what led me to creating Life / Biz / You. 

That's what we aim do here ~ together, by surrounding yourself with people who want the same things because many creatives work as freelancers or a solo entrepreneur and it can get lonely at times. A community is a great place deepen connections, share ideas, struggles, what's working for you to help others and fill your cultural cup of inspiration. 

If you want to go fast go alone, if your want to go far go together. African Proverb

My creative journey started well, and then 'life' got in the way, and things went a bit haywire! After studying Graphic Design, my career started with a bang, as a Jr Art Director at George Patterson, a top advertising agency [now Y&R] in Sydney. Then I worked for Conde Nast Publications doing the in-house advertising for VOGUE on the Fashion & Living magazines. Next, I freelanced as a graphic designer for a few years.

Naturally being an adventurous Aussie while all my friends were off to London, I threw caution to the wind and went to the US and lived in Santa Cruz California. My world view changed forever, and I became a bit of an alternative hippy. 

When I returned home to Sydney, I discovered everything had changed, and my skills were now out of date, so I skipped off to live and work on Lord Howe Island. 

Eventually I returned and wondering what the heck to do. I explored the fine art world, and I helped manage an art gallery on Pitt Street. I also did a stint working for a company who taught me the art of selling [anything] ~ I discovered I was pretty good at it too. Life was great, and I lived in a very unique place ~ Elvina Bay on Pittwater and the only way to get there was by boat. 

Then my daughter was two, I decided to escape to the country to raise her with chickens, ducks and grow veggies. As luck would have it, I ended up using my skills to design retail spaces. 

Nine years later we moved to Brisbane and life got a little skewiff, or a lot, really! 

I had no idea how I would survive financially and went into sales and marketing, it seemed like a good idea at the time. But you already know it's not going to go well!

It's amazing how long I persisted doing the wrong thing for me? Maybe change is trickier as a single parent, but looking back I wish I'd tried harder, sooner. 

In my spare time, I did workshops in photography, silversmithing and a few other things to keep my hands busy and stay afloat creatively. But it wasn't enough, and I was screaming on the inside and becoming a person I didn't like. 

But the universe was listening, and I started to play around creating websites and learning about internet marketing and thought maybe I could start a side hustle. I had to figure it out because I was miserable. I bult two sites that was more of a learning experience and testing ground to figure out where I was going. 

But, I trusted my instincts; I was on the right track, and I'd eventually be set free to be making a sustainable living on my own. Step by step, some of the puzzle pieces fell into place. But it was taking forever... despite all the work I'd done, I was still self-sabotaging and procrastinating. But I didn't give up because the reason I want to do this kept pulling me forward. 

My big ah' ha moment that saves me!

I eventually faced up to the fact I'd not put 'enough' work in a few key areas. That's when I decided to get crystal clear what I wanted, put aside distractions and focus on the work necessary - no matter how hard or long it takes. I gave up hoping for an easy, quick fix and decided this was a journey, and I may as well enjoy the ride ~ and find moments of joy in every day along the way. 

After some deep work, I had a few things I to resolve and improve, and my list changed over time. It started with ~ simplifying my life, so I had more timedesigning a business model 'right for me', and how to improve my mindset, build confidence, increase my energy and lower stress. 

I went on a hunt for solutions and found info on business, for entrepreneurial creators or women. Others on simplifying, healthy lifestyle and personal development. Plus a few great sites for creatives. 

So it's pretty easy to why Life ~ Biz ~You 'all in one place' inspired me! 

But, there was one last "business' question that illuded me.  When I resolved it, all the last pieces of the puzzle fell into place, and I moved forward without all the anxiety. I share all of this and more.

If you work as a creative, would love to learn from others and hang out with your people, consider joining us for weekly inspiration, the free e-course on how to align Life Biz + You and invite to the secure + private community. 

Cheers Jenn 


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