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 Hi, I'm Jenn Grainger ~ I Provide Empowering Resources Made For Creatives.

Here's my origin story of Life / Biz / You, and why I believe we do better as creatives when life, business and our unique selves are in alignment.

Life gets complicated, and I'm distracted at times. Sometimes I'm in a state of flow and other times I'm digging myself out of a hole or in the process of recreating myself, yet again. I have learnt to give myself space to evolve or figure out which way is up. 

"In life, you can only connect the dots looking back" Steve Job

Here are a few dots I've connected.

The creative starting dot.

My creative journey started well. After studying Graphic Design, my career started with a bang, as a Jr Art Director at George Patterson, a top advertising agency [now Y&R] in Sydney. Then I worked for Conde Nast Publications designing in-house advertising for VOGUE on the Fashion & Living magazines. Next, I freelanced as a graphic designer.

The red dot on the globe.

Naturally being an adventurous Aussie I threw caution to the wind and went to the US and lived in Santa Cruz California. I became a bit of an alternative hippy and my worldview expanded.

The dot that kept changing colour.

When I returned home to Sydney, I discovered everything had changed, and my skills were now out of date, so I skipped off to live and work on Lord Howe Island.
Eventually, I returned and wondering what the heck to do. I explored the fine art world, and I helped manage an art gallery on Pitt Street. I also did a stint working for a company who taught me the art of selling [anything] ~ I discovered I was pretty good at it too. Life was great, and I lived in a very unique place ~ Elvina Bay on Pittwater and the only way to get there was by boat.

The little dot that changed everything.

When my daughter was two, I decided to escape to the country to raise her with chickens, ducks and grow veggies. As luck would have it, I ended up using my skills to design retail spaces.

The big scary dot.

Nine years later we moved to Brisbane and life got a little scrambled, or a lot, really! I had no idea how I would survive financially and went into sales and marketing, it seemed like a good idea at the time. But you already know it's not going to go well!
It's amazing how long I persisted doing the wrong thing for me?
There were times where I did workshops in photography, silversmithing and a few other things to keep my hands busy and stay afloat creatively. But it wasn't enough, and I was screaming on the inside, and it took its toll. Eventually, I became a person I didn't like.

Follow the moving dots.

But the universe was listening, and I became fascinated by internet marketing. I built two sites that were more of a learning experience and testing ground to figure out where I was going. Yes, when I started, I was totally clueless, but, I trusted my instincts. I was on the right track. Step by step, some of the puzzle pieces fell into place.
But it was taking forever, but I didn't give up. Because the reason I want to do this kept pulling me forward. I eventually faced up to the fact I'd not put 'enough' work in a few key areas. That's when I decided to get crystal clear what I wanted, put aside distractions and focus on the work necessary - no matter how hard or long it takes.

Hunting for dots.
I gave up hoping for an easy, quick fix and decided this was a journey, and I may as well enjoy the ride ~ and find moments of joy in every day along the way. I went on a hunt for solutions right for me. Still, I seemed to be all over the shop on what interested me. I realised by compartmentalising my lifestyle, business and myself I often felt conflicted which one to make a priority.

Dots in alignment.

Life ~ Biz ~You in alignment is where I started, because I know as a creative if I'm out of sync in one area, it affects my creativity. I started to look at the positive effects when I moved towards alignment as a focus, and that's when I started to feel centred, energised and inspired.

Three healthy dots

Creating this platform for creatives was as much for me, my sanity, health and living the life I wanted as much as building and serving a community of creatives. I started with my creative growth and wellbeing. 

The invitation dot.

If it sounds like a place you want to hang out, I'd like to invite you to start with the newsletter. You will find out more from there, and the rest will be a work in progress.

Cheers Jenn


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